PLS Celebrates 25 Years In Business

CHICAGO, IL. September 12, 2022– PLS Financial Services, Inc. is pleased to announce that it is celebrating 25 years in business as a national, leading provider of consumer financial services. Founded in 1997 by brothers, Bob and Dan Wolfberg, PLS has been instrumental in providing necessary financial services to those who may feel ignored or mistreated by traditional banks for a quarter of a century.

The Wolfberg brothers realized early in their career that they had entrepreneurial aspirations and could work together to fill a need in the financial services space where both their father and grandfather had their own businesses. Soon after, they launched their first retail store in Aurora, Illinois and called it PLS, focusing on People, Location and Service.

“We don’t necessarily like to follow the crowd, and we’ve learned it’s okay to step out and create our own unique path,” says Bob Wolfberg, Co-President of PLS. “With PLS, we wanted to craft a company that didn’t follow the cookie-cutter way of doing financial services business — one that offered services respectfully and treated our customer base better than competitive check cashers, banks, and financial retailers.”

Since 1997, PLS has continually demonstrated this dedication to serving its customers with excellence. The company has grown from one store in Illinois to 217 stores in 12 states. The PLS brand also includes automobile dealerships located in Indiana and Texas and a rent-a-car business located in Indianapolis. They have introduced many new financial services and been innovators in the complex world of retail.

A great deal of PLS’s success can be attributed to their development of the company’s employees. They employ some of the best managers in the industry and are known for training and expanding the careers of their employees in the field. The team members are encouraged to continue growing and expanding their careers; some of the company’s executives began in entry level positions. More than a handful of employees have been with PLS for more than 15 years.

“The best part of leading PLS is working with great people and allowing them to excel now as well as develop in their future careers,” notes Dan Wolfberg, Co-President of PLS. “We can see their potential, and we like to foster it by giving them lots of responsibility and opportunities for advancement. We also pride ourselves on supporting the communities where we do business.”

Today, 25 years after opening its doors, the company is growing faster than ever and adding stores at a rate of 10-12 stores per year. PLS maintains the same unshakable dedication to meeting customer needs that they did when the company was started 25 years ago and continues to be an experienced, reliable, and committed financial services provider.

To commemorate the 25 th Anniversary PLS has celebrations planned at all their locations during the month of September.

About PLS®
PLS, headquartered in Chicago operates over 200 community financial services centers across the country. PLS believes that customers deserve better than the existing services available in the marketplace to meet their critical financial needs. PLS financial service centers offer free money orders, discounted check cashing, Xpectations!® Visa® Prepaid cards, money transfer services, and bill payments. Some PLS locations offer auto insurance, vehicle license, and registration services. The PLS brand also includes automobile dealerships located in Indiana and Texas. PLS employs over 3,000 team members from the neighborhoods it serves. PLS does not offer any lending products. Visit PLS at for additional information on products and services.